Problem-Solving Expertise

Gulf Coast Graphite Services is a joint venture between two established, experienced, and well respected graphite equipment and service providers, CG Thermal LLC and Graphite Maintenance Inc. The combination of CG Thermal’s original equipment manufacturing capabilities, engineering resources, and exceptional material offerings combined with Graphite Maintenance’s 45 years of graphite equipment rebuild and field services result in full-service resources for all your graphite needs.

Ready When You Need Us

Our mission is to support one of the most important chemical manufacturing regions in the world with graphite equipment rebuild and field services along with maintenance training.   

“We rely on Gulf Coast Graphite Services to keep us in operation.  We have several common cylindrical graphite units which see very severe service.  Gulf Coast has worked with us to stock our heat exchanger block, which makes for very rapid turn around. ”

Customers Count On Gulf Coast Graphite

“We recently audited Gulf Coast Graphite Services and  were very impressed by their procedures and expertise. They are very transparent and thorough in their inspection reports and recommendations.  The subsequent repair proved what we saw during the audit. Excellent, timely repair”
-Maintenance Manager, LA

“We required a complete tube bundle replacement and every day we were down was critical. Gulf Coast pulled out all the stops working double shifts through the weekend to complete the rebuild.  They were very responsive, providing updates and available to answer questions. We would certainly recommend their services.
-Project Manager, TX

” These guys seem to know about every model of graphite heat exchanger ever made.  Whether it is a current model or obsolete, or manufactured by a company still operating or one that has come and gone, they are familiar with the design, materials, and issues to address.  Replacing components never seems to be an issue.”
-Maintenance Supervisor, FL