Graphite Heat Exchanger Emergency Services

graphite heat exchanger emergency repair

EMERGENCY SERVICE ALERT: If you are in need of immediate service, please contact Justin at 863-581-0507 or Greg at 330-998-5786. Also, please complete and submit our   CSP Form    providing as much detail as possible.

We have the materials and expertise to repair all current and obsolete models including graphite equipment from Carbone, Carborundum, Karbate, Kearny, Metaullics, Vicarb, SGL, Mercen, and CG Thermal.

Emergency field services are available for plugging tubes, replacing gaskets, hardware and other repairs.

If it is determined that more involved repairs are required, we will expedite those through our repair shop. When necessary, we will draw from our experience and creativity to accomplish as much work on site as possible.


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P: 225-749-2800

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