Our extensive experience makes us uniquely capable to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the repair of your existing graphite equipment, and sometimes you need that to be done on site at your facility. 

graphite maintenance and field serviceField services are available for plugging tubes, replacing gaskets and other general repairs.   More involved repairs like retubing, are best and most efficiently accomplished within the controlled environment of our repair shop.  However, when necessary, we will draw from our experience and creativity to accomplish as much work on site as possible.

Our technicians are also available for start-up inspection, assisting with hydro-testing, and training during commissioning.

Our technicians have gone across the global to supervise and/or perform all required services to bring the unit back into operation.  We have the materials and expertise to repair all current and obsolete models including graphite equipment from Carbone, Carborundum, Karbate, Kearny, Metaullics, Vicarb, SGL, Mercen, and CG Thermal.

We look forward to serving you and using our know how to keep your graphite equipment operating effectively.